Densitas is a breast imaging analytics company focused on automated breast density and mammography quality technologies.

Our Mission

Inflating healthcare costs and strict mammography quality standards mean mammography departments globally face immediate pressures to curb resource waste and standardize breast density reporting protocol while optimizing clinical outcomes. Densitas alleviates these pressures with its comprehensive breast imaging analytics platform. 

Our Team

Densitas is comprised of a dedicated team with specialized expertise in machine learning, medical image analysis, informatics and clinical care. We are single-mindedly focused on developing products aimed at improving clinical outcomes, mammography quality, and appropriateness of care.





Mo Abdolell is a biostatistician with over 20 years experience in modeling data for clinical decision-making.  He is an accredited Professional Statistician with the Statistical Society of Canada since 2007.  After completing his graduate studies at the University of Toronto, he worked at Mount Sinai Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital. 


MD, PHD, FRCPC, Director

Dr. Kim brings more than a decade of experience in clinical radiology and medical imaging to the company.  Dr. Kim was the founding director of Sentinelle Medical and was instrumental in building Sentinelle into the world’s largest independent manufacturer of MRI coils, which was acquired in 2010 by Hologic (HOLX) for $105M.



Mike Lee is a General Partner for Rogers Venture Partners where he invests in innovative companies, with a focus on Mobile Services and infrastructure, Cloud, Internet, and Digital Media.  Mike previously served as Chief Strategy Officer for Rogers Communications where he was responsible for strategy development and business development.