The Opportunity to Improve Mammography Quality with Automated, Machine Learning Software

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Clinical image quality is one of the most important criteria affecting mammography today. The higher the quality of a mammogram, the easier it is for a radiologist to find breast cancer.

This white paper will help radiologists and radiology leaders understand:

  1. The importance of mammographic image quality.

  2. How quality breast health delivery is contingent on standardization of mammographic image quality assessments.

  3. A.I. algorithms can improve the consistency of automated image quality assessment results.

  4. How automated image quality assessments fit into an overall quality improvement effort.

  5. The inherent limitations of visual assessment of mammographic image quality.

  6. The impact of inconsistent image quality assessments on quality of care.

  7. How the effectiveness of image assessment can be improved with automated image quality assessment software.

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