We help DI Managers, IT Directors and PACS Administrators minimize complexity, improve clinic workflow and efficiently manage accreditation audits.

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Densitas helps breast imaging departments tackle some of the key challenges facing women’s imaging today, focussing on mammography quality, workflow efficiencies, compliance with national guidelines, and delivery of appropriate care at sustainable costs.

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Simple, Seamless Integration

Our solutions are easily deployed as a suite of onsite or hosted services via A.I. platform channel partners that integrate centrally with PACS, and seamlessly into the existing IT and modality infrastructure.

Better Resource Management

We enable your department to standardize how you measure and monitor key factors that affect mammographic image quality and modality utilization for screening followup.

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On-Demand Actionable Information

We deliver on-demand actionable insights that are aimed at improving the quality of breast health management, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“The biggest challenge with manual breast density measurements are that they’re not reproducible.”

− Dr. Sian Iles, MD FRCPC 

Section Head for Breast Imaging Nova Scotia Health Authority; Central Zone.

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