We provide value-based solutions to improve quality, control costs and improve patient outcomes.

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Improved Quality

We support compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act EQUIP (US), CAR Mammography Accreditation Program (Canada) and EUREF (EU) guidelines for identifying errors and tracking mammography quality performance indicators and corrective actions, including closed-loop training of mammographers, and quality audits.

Simple, Cost-effective, Scalable Integration

Our solutions are easily deployed as a suite of onsite or hosted services via A.I. platform channel partners that integrate centrally with PACS, and seamlessly into the existing IT and modality infrastructure.

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Tailored, More Appropriate Care

Individualized patient-specific imaging fingerprints enable development of risk-based screening protocols that can deliver more appropriate care, so those needing more aggressive followup receive it and those requiring less aggressive followup avoid unnecessary imaging.

“The major challenge of visually assessed breast density is that it’s not reproducible.”

− Dr. Sian Iles, MD FRCPC 

Section Head for Breast Imaging Nova Scotia Health Authority; Central Zone.

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