Our A.I. driven technologies help improve clinical workflows, comply with national reporting and quality standards, and support more patient-specific follow up.  

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Standardized, Efficient Workflows

We generate automated, standardized, and reproducible breast density measures from the same routinely archived standard digital mammograms that radiologists evaluate, all without disrupting radiologist productivity or reading workflow.

Improved Quality

We support compliance with the Mammography Quality Standards Act EQUIP (US), CAR Mammography Accreditation Program (Canada) and EUREF (EU) guidelines for identifying errors and tracking mammography quality performance indicators and corrective actions, including closed-loop training of mammographers.

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Patient-specific Care

We augment radiologists’ practice with individualized patient-specific breast density and image quality assessments to increase confidence in their breast screening followup recommendations.


“The major challenge of visually assessed breast density is that it’s not reproducible.”

− Dr. Sian Iles, MD FRCPC 

Section Head for Breast Imaging Nova Scotia Health Authority; Central Zone.

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